Respected Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It is a great pleasure and honor to cordially welcome you to the first Belgrade Valve International Symposium (BELVIS) which will be held on June 12 - June 13, 2021, at the Hilton Hotel. The meeting is being jointly organized by cardiologists and cardiac surgeons of Serbia, under the auspices of the Cardiology Society of Serbia, the Serbian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery, the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade, Society for Cardiovascular pathology of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia.
The idea of the meeting is to join cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in discussions related to valvular heart diseases, its risk stratification, imaging and treatment. The meeting is intended to be practical, interactive and to offer interesting scientific and educational content to cardiovascular subspecialists, but also to general physicians, fellows and all others who are interested in this topic. Belvis 2021 will be held with live transmissions from conference room with only lecturers and panelists present in the room. We do hope that BELVIS 2021 will meet your expectations and trust that you will enjoy visiting our beautiful and vivid city.

Marko Banović, cardiologist
Svetozar Putnik, cardiac surgeon


Saturday 12.06.2021

Hotel Hilton

Opening Saturday session 08.30 h

08.30–10.00 Session: AORTIC VALVE DISEASE I
Moderators: R Binder, M Banovic, W Wojakowski
Panel: R Binder, M Banovic, G Biondi-Zoccai, W Wojakowski, M Nedeljkovic, B Ivanovic, B Beleslin, A Mikic, Lj Jovovic, S Micovic
08.30–08.45 Treatment of asymptomatic AS – a next frontier? M Banovic, Belgrade (Serbia)
08.50–09.05 Reconciling randomized trial and observational study evidence on new-generation TAVI devices G Biondi-Zoccai, Rome (Italy)
09.10–09.25 Transcatheter aortic valve-in-valve interventions W Wojakowski, Katowice (Poland)
09.30–09.45 TAVI and low coronary ostia: The BASILICA Procedure R Binder, Wells (Austria)
10.30–11.00 Medtronic Symposium Moderator: S Putnik, H Gasparovic
10.30–10.45 Future perspectives in LVAD therapy: insight from ”Lateral” trial S Putnik, Belgrade (Serbia)
10.45–11.00 Challenges of LVAD implantation during Covid-19 pandemic H Gasparovic, Zagreb (Croatia)

11.30–13.30 Session: VALVE DISEASE @ HEART FAILURE
M Penicka, H Gasparovic, A Redzek
M Penicka, H Gasparovic, A Ristic, I Stojanovic, A Redzek, P Otasevic, M Dobric, V Mitov (Zajecar), I Nedeljkovic , M Zdravkovic
11.30–11.45 Cardiac MRI: Advantages and defects in evaluating patients with valve disease and heart failure M Penicka, Aalst (Belgium)
11.50–12.05 Replacement or repair in heart failure patients with primary MR I Stojanovic, Belgrade, Serbia
12.10–12.25 Treatment of persistent secondary pulmonary hypertension A Ristic, Belgrade, Serbia
10 minute break
12.30–12.45 Heart failure with mid-range ejection fraction: the grey zone P Otasevic, Belgrade, Serbia
12.50–13.05 cMRI after Covid-19 infection: what lies behind the horizon? M Zdravkovic, Belgrade, Serbia
13.45–14.15 Abbott Symposium Moderator: S Putnik
13.45–14.00 Patient selection for LVAD implantation E Nestorovic, Belgrade (Serbia)
14.00–14.15 Heart failure registry L Velicki, Novi Sad (Serbia)
14.30–15.30 Astra Zeneca Symposiumm Moderator: S Putnik
Forxiga in cardiologist focus
14.30–14.45 Presentation 1 S Salinger, Nis (Serbia)
14.45–15.00 Presentation 2 P Otasevic, Belgrade (Serbia)
Brilique – from revascularization to prolonged use
15.00–15.15 Presentation 1 V Vukcevic, Belgrade (Serbia)
15.15–15.30 Presentation 2 S Putnik, Belgrade (Serbia)

16.00–17.30 Session: AORTIC VALVE DISEASE II
B Iung, M Deja, V Vukcevic
B Iung, V Vukcevic, R Rajani, S Stojkovic, M Deja, S Putnik, M Nedeljkovic, A Stojsic-Milosavljevic, T Kostic, M Banovic
16.00–16.15 Changes in trends in valvular diseases in Europe in 2021 B Iung, Paris (France)
16.20–16.35 Aortic stenosis and coronary artery disease – a two tale story V Vukcevic, Belgrade (Serbia)
16.40–16.55 Tailoring antithrombotic therapy to the TAVI patient S Stojkovic, Belgrade Serbia)
17.00–17.15 Sutureless SAVR: Challenges and advantages S Putnik, Belgrade (Serbia)

Sunday 13.06.2021

08.00–09.00 AVATAR trial SC meeting

09.30–11.30 Session: MITRAL VALVE DISEASE
R Rajani, J Bartunek, G Milasinovic
R Rajani, B Iung, G Milasinovic, M Deja, J Bartunek, S Salizzoni, S Putnik, M Banovic, I Bilbija, M Peric
09.30–09.45 Imaging planning for complex structural mitral valve interventions? R Rajani, London (UK)
09.50–10.05 The role of CRT in mitral regurgitation management G Milasinovic, Belgrade (Serbia)
10.10–10.25 Percutaneous treatment of mitral valve disease J Bartunek, Aalst (Belgium)
10.30–10.45 Transventricular beating heart mitral valve repair: state of the art and future implications S Salizzoni, Turin (Italy)
10.50–11.05 Surgical treatment of functional MR – When and how M Deja, Katowice, (Poland)

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