Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the third Belgrade symposium on valvular heart disease [The Belgrade Valve International Symposium (BELVIS)] will be held on Saturday, June the 11th, 2022 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Belgrade. This year's symposium will be in the form of a workshop with an emphasis on the practical part and will include two hands-on sessions that will relate to the simulation of the TAVI valve implantation and surgical implantation of the aortic valve, and two sessions with lectures. Sessions and workshops will be held live with audience in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade.

The meeting is jointly organized by cardiologists and cardiac-surgeons of Serbia, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia, the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Serbia, the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade.

The symposium is intended for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, as well as all doctors and nurses and technicians who are involved in this issue and are interested in this field of medicine.

The symposium is available on the website

We hope to jointly contribute to the benefit of this symposium to all who meet and are interested in this type of cardiovascular pathology..

Congress Directors:

Marko Banović, MD, PhD, cardiologist

Svetozar Putnik, MD, PhD, Cardiac-surgeon


Saturday, June the 11th

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

Belvis Practical Update / Lectures 12 min + 3min discussion

Session A (10 – 11h)
Moderators: Marko Banović, Svetozar Putnik
1. What the European recommendations say: when and how to treat the aortic valve Svetozar Putnik (KCS, Belgrade)
2. Avatar trial and implications for further clinical practice Marko Banović (KCS, Belgrade)
3. Sutureless, rapidly implantable and minimally invasive surgical replacement of the aortic valve - advantages and disadvantages compared to the standard approach Slobodan Mićovic (Dedinje, Belgrade)
4. Surgical approach to the treatment of aortic insufficiency Aleksandar Redzek (IKVD Kamenica)

1. Hands-on Session – Surgical implantation of aortic valve – practice ( 11.30 – 12.30h)

Lunch Break (12.30 – 13.00h)

Session B (13.00 – 14.00h)
Moderators: Marko Banović, Svetozar Putnik
1. Paradoxical Low-Gradient AS - how to diagnose and treat Anastazija Stojšić-Milosavljević (IKVD Kamenica)
2. TAVI application in non-standard groups of patients - where the boundaries are Ivan Ilić (Dedinje, Belgrade)
3. Aantithrombotic therapy after surgical / percutaneous aortic valve replacement Dejan Orlić (KCS, Belgrade)
4. Novelties in the treatment of tricuspid valve Ilija Bilbija (KCS, Belgrade)

Caffe Pause (14.00 – 14.15h)

2. Hands-on session – TAVI simulator - (practice) (14.15 – 16.00h)

2. Hands-on session – Surgical replacement of the aortic valve - (practice) (14.15 – 16.00h)





There is no fee for accreditation.
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