Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to inform you that the fourth Belgrade symposium on valvular heart disease [The Belgrade Valve International Symposium (BELVIS)] will be held on Saturday, June the 9th, 2023 at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Belgrade. This year's symposium will be in the form of a workshop with an emphasis on the practical part and will include two hands-on sessions that will relate to the simulation of the TAVI valve implantation and surgical implantation of the aortic valve, and two sessions with lectures. Sessions and workshops will be held live with audience in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Belgrade.

The meeting is jointly organized by cardiologists and cardiac-surgeons of Serbia, and under the auspices of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Serbia, the Association of Cardiologists of Serbia, the Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of Serbia, the Medical Faculty of the University of Belgrade.

The symposium is intended for cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, as well as all doctors and nurses and technicians who are involved in this issue and are interested in this field of medicine.

We hope to jointly contribute to the benefit of this symposium to all who meet and are interested in this type of cardiovascular pathology..

Congress Directors:

Marko Banović, MD, PhD, cardiologist

Svetozar Putnik, MD, PhD, Cardiac-surgeon


09 - 10 June

Hotel Crowne Plaza, Belgrade

Friday, 09.06

Pefrusionist session– (10 min + 3 min discussion)
13h – 14h
Moderators: I Banjac, G Potocki, S Strancaric

1. Life Flight Transport - ECMO Hub and Spoke Model Igor Banjac (UTH Houston)
2. ECLS at Reanimation patient Goran Potocki (ECCP UHC Split)
3. Tehnical aspects of ECMO circuit Stjepan Strancaric (CCP UHC Zagreb Rebro)
4. Von Willebrand disease and CPB Nemanja Ristic (ECCP ICVD Dedinje Belgrade)
5. New Chalenge in Cytokin storm therapy on CPB Slavko Kulić (ECCP UCCS Belgrade)

Sponsored session 1. Abbot (14.15h – 15.00h)

End-stage heart failure: contemporary treatment and future perspectives
Moderatori: S Putnik, H Gasparovic, E Nestorovic, D Markovic

1. LVAD and transplant program in Serbia Putnik S (Belgrade, Serbia)
2. Aortic insufficiency and LVAD – does it really matters? Gasparovic H (Zagreb, Croatia)
3. RV failure – when to implant? Nestorovic E (Belgrade, Serbia)
4. Postoperative ICU management after LVAD implantation Markovic D (Belgrade, Serbia)

Medtronic workshop (13h – 15h) - Practical update

13:00-14:00 Use of sutures for heart valve surgery Svetozar Putnik (Belgrade, Serbia)
14:00-15:00 Implantation of Avalus valve on porcine/bovine heart models Sasa Simic, Iva Pavlovic – Medtronic

Coffee break (15.00 – 15.30h)

Plenary session 1
15.30h – 16.50h (12 min + 3 min discussion)

Invited discutants: G Biondi Zoccai, R Rajani, M Vanderheyden, M Petricevic, M Banovic, M Nedeljkovic, S Putnik, A Djordjevic-Dikic, M Matkovic, S Juričić

1. Early detection, prevention, and management of AS using imaging and Arteficial Intelligence Jae K Oh (Rochester, USA)
2. Cardiac damage staging systems in patients with aortic stenosis M Vanderheyden (Aalst, Belgium)
3. Pharmacotherapy to Prevent Calcific Aortic Stenosis: Novel Targets and Novel Study Methodologies V Giga (Belgrade, Serbia)
4. Recovery trial and its implication for clinical practice D-H Kang (Seoul, S Korea)
5. Lifetime management and timing of intervention in Asymptomatic Aortic Stenosis M Banovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Focus session (17.00 – 17.30h)

Focus on aortic stenosis and hemostasis
Moderators: S Putnik, M Petricevic, M Banovic

1. Antitrombotic/anticoagulant therapy after AVR M Banovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
2. Aortic stenosis and hemostatic disorders - treatment implications M Petricevic (Split, Croatia)

Saturday , 10.06

08.00h – 09.30h SC meeting „Eternity” trial

09.40h – 09.45h Welcome to BELVIS 2023! - M Banovic, S Putnik
09.45h – Opening L Davidovic, Dean of Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade

Plenary Session 2 (Lectures 12 min, + 3 min discussion)
10.00h - 11.20h

Invited discutants: B Iung, V Delgado, E Barbato, M Banovic, S Putnik, B Beleslin, S Micovic, D Simic, N Aleksic, I Ilic

1. Multimodality imaging in valve disease V Delgado (Leiden, The Netherlands)
2. Comorbidities and valvular disease B Iung (Paris, France)
3. The current status of valve for life program in Europe E Barbato (Rome, Italy)
4. Surgical approach to aortic valve replacement in younger patients - When to Repair and When to Replace S Micovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
5. Minimally invasive surgical techniques for aortic valve disease in TAVI era S Putnik (Belgrade, Serbia)

Plenary Session 3 (Lectures 12 min, + 3 min discussion)
11.30h – 12.50h

Invited discutants: M Borger, J Bartunek, E Quintana, B Ivanovic, M Milojevic, L Velicki, I Stojanovic, V Vukcevic, V Mitov, A Ilic

1. Echocardiographic assessment and contemporary risk stratification of patients with secondary mitral valve insufficiency O Petrovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
2. Surgical Repair of secondary mitral valve insufficiency – when and to whom? I Stojanovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
3. Prognostic significance of functional and morphologic characteristics of right ventricle in patients with TR Z Mladenovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
4. Novelties in the treatment of tricuspid valve I Bilbija (Belgrade, Serbia)
5. Contemporary treatment of Infective Endocarditis: when surgery is indicated? Michael Borger (Leipzig, Germany)

Lunch break (13.00 – 14.45h)

Sponsored Session 2. Astra Zeneca (13.00 – 13.45h)

Forxiga® for the treatment of HF patients across all spectrum
Moderator: S Putnik

1. TBA Goran Davidovic (Kragujevac, Serbia)
2. TBA A Djokovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Sponsored Session 3. Novartis (13.50h – 14.35h)

The sooner the better, the lower for longer life
Moderators: M Banovic, S Putnik

1. The influence of atherosclerosis on the development of cardiovascular diseases M Banovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
2. A new approach in the secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases S Putnik (Belgrade, Serbia)
3. Inclisiran - small interfering RNA - Great achievement M Zarkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Plenary Session 4 (Lectures 12 min, + 3 min discussion)
14.45h – 16.00h

Invited discutants: R Rajani, V Delgado, A Neskovic, I Kristic, S Stojkovic, A Stojsic-Milosavljevic, M Zdravkovic, A Redzek, S Aleksandric, D Terzic

1. CT for evaluation of native valve disease R Rajani (London, Great Britain)
2. MRI in contemporary risk stratification of valve diseases M Zdravkovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
3. Diagnostic work up and treatment indications for low-gradient aortic stenosis A Stojsic-Milosavljevic (Novi Sad, Serbia)
4. PCI in TAVR candidates – optimal timing and procedural challenges I Kristic (Split, Croatia)
5. Role of cardiac ultrasound in cardiogenic shock A Neskovic (Belgrade, Serbia)

Coffee Break (16.00 – 16.20h)

Plenary Session 5 (Lectures 12 min, + 3 min discussion)
16.20h – 17.40h

Invited discutants: G Biondi-Zoccai, E Quintana, H Gašparović, P Otasevic, A Ristic, M Petrovic, I Bilbija, A Djokovic, Z Mladenovic, D Lazovic, M Cubrilo

1. Valvular disease and Long Covid-19 G Biondi-Zoccai (Rome, Italy)
2. Treatment of persistent secondary pulmonary hypertension A Ristic (Belgrade, Serbia)
3. Persistent foramen ovale – indications and challenges for interventional treatment M Farkic (Belgrade, Serbia)
4. Optimal treatment of obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy E Quintana, (Barcelona, Spain)
5. Heart Failure GDMT Guidelines: What every structural Interventionalist needs to know P Otasevic (Belgrade, Serbia)

BELVIS 2023 Closing remark - 17.45h

M Banovic, S Putnik






The deadline for registration is June 4 at 12PM.
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